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Secret Service: Target credit card hackers may take years to find
The federal investigation is complicated by the international nature of high-profile digital heists. The perpetrators are likely located overseas, which makes extradition and prosecution difficult.

The Great Romanian Hacker Hunt, Complete With Grape Condoms
U.S. Secret Service Agent Matt O'Neill was growing nervous. For three months, he'd been surreptitiously monitoring hackers' communications and watching as they siphoned thousands of credit card numbers from scores of U.S. retailers. Most every day O'Neill was alerting a credit card company or retailer to an online heist. "We were hoping they wouldn't figure it out until we could catch them," O ...

'Tell them what they want to hear'
When he walked off the plane he had a gold necklace for "Sarah". Little did he know he was meeting Matt.

'You tell them what they want to hear'
When he walked off the plane he had a gold necklace for "Sarah". Little did he know he was meeting Matt.

Secret Service: Identifying Target hackers could take years, arrests could take longer
A customer signs his credit card receipt at a Target store in Tallahassee, Fla. WASHINGTON — Secret Service investigators say they are close to gaining a full understanding of the methods hackers used to breach Target 's computer systems last December.

U.S. Agent Lures Romanian Hackers in Subway Data Heist
Agents work in the U.S. Secret Service's Criminal Investigative Division Operations Center in Washington D.C., in this March handout photo released to the media on April 17, 2014.

Fun Easter recipes on Pinterest
The best way to celebrate any holiday is with food! Easter is no exception. From decorated eggs to chocolate eggs to deviled eggs with little faces to Easter pie to ham to Peeps everything, there's something for you on this list.

ING Bank gross profit 7 pc lower in 2013
ING Bank Romania got a gross profit of RON 216 million last year, 7 per cent lower than in 2012, as the banks’ assets went up by 11 per cent to RON 18.07 billion, and the credit portfolio plus repurchase agreements operations reached RON 10.5 billion, reads a bank release.

The most polluted cities in Europe
Police stop a motorist from driving on the Champs d'elise after a current crackdown. Photo: REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer The French Government has today imposed driving restrictions in Paris in a bid to tackle dangerous pollution levels in the city.

Romania Central Bank Ends Easing as Inflation Set to Quicken
Romania left its benchmark interest rate at a record low, ending an easing cycle after almost nine months with inflation poised to accelerate from a post-communist low in the second half of the year.

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