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Emerging market credit rating review dates
LONDON, Aug 18 (Reuters) - Ratings decisions for Romania and Ukraine are due on Friday, according to review dates published by the major ratings agencies. European Union rules that came into force this year require Standard and Poor's, Moody's, Fitch and other credit agencies operating in Europe to disclose the dates on which they review a country's rating. The rating firms are able to make ...

OTP Bank Romania announces 24.4 M lei in mid-year profit
OTP Bank Romania recorded 24.4 million lei in after-tax profit in the six months of this year, according to a bank release on Monday. The bank’s operating profit surged 57 percent year-over-year to 71.2 million lei (1 euro = 4.4 lei).

Putin Currency Pain Saps Poland, Czech Gain: East Europe Credit
The risk that eastern European currencies will weaken the longer the Ukraine crisis drags on is threatening to erode returns from a bond rally stoked by interest-rate cuts and slowing inflation.

Global Retailer Payment, Gift and Loyalty Cards
      LONDON, Aug. 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- has added a new market research report: Global Retailer Payment, Gift and Loyalty Cards ...

BNR lowers monetary policy rate to 3.25pc
The Administration Board of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) on Monday decided to lower the bank’s monetary policy rate to 3.25 per cent per annum from 3.50 per cent starting with August 5, 2014.

George Christy Talks About Brad Krevoy, Jane Seymour, Lacey Chabert, Simon Dutton, A Dame To Kill For, Jamie King ...
“Shall we bet a couple of bucks about the new hot spot for making movies and television series in Europe?” asks producer Brad Krevoy, who’s filmed several productions thereabouts. His latest, A Royal Christmas, co-stars Jane Seymour, Lacey Chabert and Simon Dutton for Hallmark.

Role reversal as African technology expands in Europe
Africans have long used technology developed abroad, but now a Kenyan cash transfer network which bypasses banks is being adopted in Europe. The M-Pesa mobile money transfer system which allows clients to send cash with their telephones has transformed how business is done in east Africa, and is now spreading to Romania. "From east Africa to eastern Europe, that's quite phenomenal when you think ...

Ipsen: 2014 Half-Year Results and 2014 Objectives
Regualtory News:

Non-government loans decline for third consecutive month
Non-government loans continue their decline in Romania; the amount of household and corporate loans in July was smaller than in June, thus extending this trend to the third consecutive month.

Gang's £16m scam hit 60K bank cards
More than 60,000 credit cards were targeted by a gang of fraudsters who pleaded guilty to the £16m scam, the Old Bailey hears.

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