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Voyage to/from Ancient New Zealand.
The marvels of the Pacific Islands were not discovered by Europeans. The Polynesians made brave and fantastic voyages across giant stretches of water to colonise much of Oceania. They may have been helped by favourable winds before 1300AD but the means of their success were giant canoes, carrying livestock, food and colonists. Here is the germ of their story.

FMA warns borrowers off company
Anyone dealing with a New Zealand financial company that's been making misleading statements should be careful, the Financial Markets Authority warns.

October’s Hot Credit Card Deals
Put your credit card to work by taking advantage of these hot promos. Planning on going to Singapore? Need a … The post October’s Hot Credit Card Deals appeared first on

NZ dollar catches breath after yesterday's slump
The New Zealand dollar edged up following its dramatic slump yesterday after the Reserve Bank confirmed speculation it intervened in the currency market last month, selling the kiwi in an attempt to push its value down and benefit...

New Zealand PM John Key sweeps to third term victory
First New Zealand leader able to govern in his own right since proportional voting was introduced in 1996

Gen Y home ownership prospects 'rapidly declining'
New data from Veda shows that Generation Y’s home ownership prospects appear to be rapidly declining in New Zealand.

New Zealand prime minister wins 3rd term in office
WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — Prime Minister John Key won an emphatic victory Saturday in New Zealand's general election to return for a third term, a result that will be seen as an endorsement of the way his National Party has handled the economy.

New Zealand PM wants vote on flag change
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key wants a national referendum on the flag change next year. Credit: AP Photo/Nick Perry New Zealand Prime Minster John Key wants the nation to vote next year on changing its flag.

The poverty trap of Gen Y
I feel great empathy to large portion of people from my generation (Gen Y) as well as older generations and younger in regards to home ownership in New Zealand.

How NZ banks can fend off cyber fraud
Upcoming changes to the New Zealand financial services industry pose significant security threats for consumers, banks and merchants, says an anti-fraud expert.Cyber crime consultant Richard Booth, who was in Auckland recently,...

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